İKA Development Council Met in Adıyaman

Silkroad Development Agency Development Council held its 1st meeting in 2014 in Adıyaman.


The meeting started with the speech of Chairman of Development Council, the Rector of Gaziantep University, Prof. Dr. M. Yavuz Coşkun. Prof. Dr. Coşkun stressed that economic, social and cultural development will cure the problems faced in the region. Prof. Dr. Coşkun also stated that Silkroad Development Agency is not only an institution for project funding, but it also works for the overall development of TRC1 Region through planning, programming and cooperation activities.


Then, Secretary General of Silkroad Development Agency Dr. Bülent Özkan made a presentation on the activities conducted since the beginning of the year 2014.


Development Commissions, formed in the previous Council meeting, also presented their works about themes and subjects they are working on.