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Direct Activity Support Program

The aim of the Direct Activity Support Program is to provide financial support for strategic research, planning and feasibility studies targeted to make contribution to local/regional development, and improve the implementation capacity of regional progress and plans. The Direct Activity Support Program apparently complies with legislation and is undertaken in the frame of national plans and programs.


Direct Activity Support Program supports activities that do not contain any investment component. The time duration for the projects financed under this program is maximum three months. The three month implementation phase begins just one day after contract is signed.


Municipalities, universities, other public institutions, professional organizations with public institution status, Non-Governmental Organizations, Unions and Cooperatives are only institutions/organizations that can benefit from Direct Activity Support Program.


Under this program, the Silkroad Development Agency provides financial support for the activities defined in line with strategic priorities determined for regional development. Therefore, the projects that will be prepared must comply with the plans and programs in implementation. Some activities that can receive Direct Activity Support are as following;


- The activities important for development and increasing competitiveness power of region,


- The activities necessary to take urgent precautions in order to prevent threats and risks for region’s economy,


- The activities oriented to detection and promotion of investment opportunities of the region in national as well as international arena,


- The research and planning works having critical importance for the region especially in relation to improving the capacity of innovation and entrepreneurship of the region,


- The activities oriented to promoting, preserving and developing of environmental, historical, natural and social values,


- The activities directed to launching and realizing of strategic acts,


- The works that will have an impact on large-scale investment decisions in short term and contribute to leading of these decisions,


- The works that will contribute to development end leading of human resources in the region.