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Call for Proposals

Call for Proposal is an invitation for potential applicants, carrying necessary qualifications, to submit project proposals which have to comply with the pre-determined subjects and conditions. The details regarding the call for proposal will be involved in the publication notice as well as the application guide.


The minimum and maximum amounts of support per project can differ upon the special conditions of the support program. While determining these limits, factors such as general and special objectives of the program, the qualifications of potential applicants, the appropriate project subjects and their costs, program budget and the relevant legislation are considered.


The co-finance rate of the projects submitted by the profit making real and legal persons and supported by the Silkroad Development Agency is to be at least 50% of total relevant cost where this rate cannot be decreased in any case. On the other hand this rate of co-finance can be increased by taking into account the socio-economic development level of the region.