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About Us


Regional Units Classification for Statistics, was prepared by TSI and State Planning Organization in 2001and published in the Official Gazette dated 22 September 2002With the decision of The Council of Ministers No 2002/4720 in order to reduce disparities between regions,to improve welfare levels in regions and to find solutions to economic and social problems at regional level. Level 2 Regional Units were determined by grouping of provinces having common problems, being close to each other socio-economically and culturally and similiar geographically according to this classification of territorial units .


Development Agencies, which have come into operation recently in our country for the purpose of implementation of the regional development in NUTS 2 regions, have undertaken an important mission to increase income and employment opportunities for the regions they are responsible for since the date on which they were established. In this context, 26 Development Agencies -as set by Establishment of Development Agencies Act no. 5449- are engaged to develop co-operation between the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations, to ensure the efficient use of resources, and to accelerate regional development, ensure the sustainability, reduce inter-regional and intra-regional disparitiesin accordance with the principles and policies set by national development plans and programsby mobilizing local potential.




TRC1 Level 2 region, covering the provinces of Gaziantep, Adiyaman and Kilis, constitutes the Silkroad Development Agency's area of responsibility. Agency was established by a decree published in the Official Gazette numbered 27062 on 22 November 2008 by virtue of the Act No. 5449, adopted on 25 January 2006, namely "Law on the Establishment, Coordination and Duties of the Development Agencies". Having started its work life, as of June 15, 2010, the Agency has been operating with its qualified staff for the purpose of the realization of the development of TRC1 Region.