İKA Call for Projects 2014

 Silkroad Development Agency Call for Projects 2014 has been announced. In 2014, the Agency will provide 12,5 million Turkish liras of grant under three programs: Regional and Sectoral Competitiveness Program for SMEs; Pilot Practices in Social Development Program and Cultural and Touristic Infrastructure Program for non-profit organizations.


Within Regional and Sectoral Competitiveness Program for SMEs, the following sectors will be supported for the development of new products and brands through Research and Development, innovation and transfer of technology and for the enhancement of production capacites: Plastics, chemicals, leather products, textiles, food, agro-industry, renewable energy, furniture and mining.


With Pilot Practices in Social Development Program, it is aimed that TRC1 Region to be more liveable in terms of social servies. The activities to be supported within this program are the establishment and amelioration of social centers, the increase in awareness on societal sensibilities, the betterment of vocational education infrastructure and the enhancement of pre-school education.


With Cultural and Touristic Infrastructure Program, the development of alternative tourism types and the amelioration and provision of touristic and cultural infrastructure in TRC1 Region is targeted. The projects including the restoration of cultural assets, the establishment of museums and cultural centers, and the development of eco-tourism, health tourism and gastronomical tourism are among the activities that can be supported.