İKA Board of Directors Completes Italy Study Visit

Board of Directors of Silkroad Development Agency visited Emilia-Romagna Region, which is considered as one of the most successful regions in regional development and clustering issues.


Within the program organized between May 27th-June 1st, 2014, Turkish Consulate General in Milano, the Office of the Commercial Counsellor in Milano, Milan Chamber of Commerce, ERVET, ASTER, Sprint-ER, BioAgriCoop and Interporto Bologna SpA were visited.


During the visits, information and experiences were obtained about the regional planning, clustering and development practices from ERVET, the internationalization strategies and supports for SMEs, the efforts for increasing the regional competitiveness from Sprint-ER, the investment promotion activities from Milan Chamber of Commerce, the regional R&D and innovation structures from ASTER, the sertification and classification procedures on organic farming from BioAgriCoop and logistic infrastructure from Interporto Bologna SpA.


At the same time, Silkroad Development Agency Delegation shared the planning activities, the SME supports mechanisms, the investment promotion activities of Silkroad Development Agency together with the potentials of TRC1 Region on industry, trade, tourism and agriculture.