EU Support for Women Employment in TRC1 Region


The Operation titled "The Empowerment of Women Employment in TRC1 Region" suggested by Silkroad Development Agency for the Call for Operations in the Human Resources Development Operational Program is accepted.


With the operation, a total of 6,1 million Euros of grants, in which a grant scheme of 5,1 million Euros is included, will be delegated to the Agency.


The operation targeting the provision of a sustainable solution for women employment problem in TRC1 Region aims at increasing awareness on the subject at the regional level, the elimination of social barriers hindering women employment and the introduction of necessary qualifications to women for employment.


Within the Operation for a period of 24 months, a Strategy and Action Plan will be developed and a grant program will be implemented.


In addition, two other projects to be implemented in Gaziantep are found eligible in the same Call for Operations. The operation titled "The Disadvantageous People's Integration to Labor Market" is developed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality with a budget of 2,1 million Euros. Silkroad Development Agency takes part as a partner in this operation. Secondly, an operation developed by Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone with a budget of 2,7 million Euros, which is titled "Increasing adaptability of employees and employers in textile, food and mechanical sectors in Gaziantep", is short-listed.